Retrieval of slots based on selected date.

Hi team,  I have a situation in my application, where when i select a date from date picker input widget, i need to view slots based on the selected date, i used the Date from,Month from and Year from functions to filter the slots based on the selected date and this logic is perfectly correct, but the problem is it only works fine for a few slots and doesnt show other slots on some other days, its working partially where its correct for some and incorrect for some, what could be the reason? Am i missing something? Any help would be appreciated, than ks in advance. Rahul
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Set up a unit test for this kind of functionality. Feed the unit test with an extensive dataset of tests and for each test set the expected outcome, and compare it with the real outcome. Also set assumptions for the results of the functions you use, DateFrom, MonthFrom, and YearFrom. This will help you with finding the causes of the unexpected results and solve them.