Use object returned from microflow in Datagrid with Xpath constraint

Hello, In a microflow, I create a object from an entity ( for example, a specific city). In a page, I use a dataview with this microflow source. In this data view, I add a datagrid (as below). On this datagird, I would like display data with xpath constraint. On this constraint, I would like use the object from microflow to compare a column of datagrid with this object (here the specific city). Is it possible in mendix ? Regards,
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Hi Julien,

Assuming you have dataview with a city-object which is persistent.

And in your domain model you have an association with another persistent entity, say citizen, which you want to show in your datagrid.

You can now use an xpath like this:

[MyFirstProject.City_Citizen = ‘[%CurrentObject%]’]

to show all citizens in the datagrid.


Is that what you are looking for?



Thanks for your reply.

In the case where microflows returns objects “City” with sub-object (name, number,size), see below.

In the Xpath in datagrid, how can I compare “” with the content of column named “Name_city” ?

In this case, the goal is to display all records with city ‘Amsterdam’ (returned from microflow) in a datagrid.