xPath Multi Criteria

Hi, I am trying to ammending something that was developed by someone else to meet the users needs. I have everything sorted apart from the last step. They are using xPath to select a list of Policies where there are no contacts using the following: [ReductionUK.Policy_Campaign=$Campaign] [not(ReductionUK.Policy_Contact/ReductionUK.Contact)]   Im guessng that the [not{etc} is saying where the policy number is not in the contact list.   What i need to say is where the the policy number is either not in the contact list or is on the list but the only contact type associsated is account manager. I am able to get it to return all account managers by using: [ReductionUK.Policy_Contact/ReductionUK.Contact/ContactType='Account_Manager'] But i need to be able to say if its not on the list or it is on the list and only has a contact type account manger. Many will have Policy_Holder and Broker also so i do not need to see those.
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You can use or in xpath. You only need to use it in one statement [constraint1 or constraint2] works, [constraint1] or [constraint2] does not work.