Refresh widgets in a layout on page navigation?

Hello,   I have a widget contained in a layout that all of my pages use. The widget's content depends on the current page content, so when the user navigates to a new page I would like the widget to either run a function to update its content or re-initialize. Currently when I switch pages, the widget does not refresh or call the update function. It does seem to call the resize function though.   Is there an easy way to run a function or re-initialize a widget inside of a layout when the user changes the page?   Thanks, Matt
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Take a look at the onNavigation event documented here. This event is fired after each page navigation, so your widget could be configured to listen for that event and respond accordingly.


We encountered the same challenge and used "onNavigation" event (as Eric mentions), and it works.

		var formObject=this.mxform.getContext()&&this.mxform.getContext().getTrackObject();





Hello Matt,

I don't think there is an easy way to force a widget's update function outside of triggering it via updating the containing entity.


If this is not your widget I would suggest adding the widget on the page which would mean it gets rebuilt when you load a new page. 

If this is your widget you can add event listeners for your functions, you could even look for DOM changes (using something like 


Hope this helps