Advanced options for Bizzomate Google Timeline Chart

Is it possible to change the options of the Bizzomate Google Timeline Chart widget in a similar way as editting the javascript of the Google Timeline Chart? I have a very few very specific options that I want to edit and I can't seem to find a way other than writing the code myself. One of the (easiest) examples is to set a minimum and maximum date that is rendered.  How can I implement such 'advanced' options?
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Hi Steve,

A colleague of mine alerted me of your question, and I've updated the widget to support custom options. You can now append your own values to the options object that will be passed onto the Google Chart, as explained here:


As an example:

In this example a few items are added to the options, and the "showRowLabels" that was already provided as an option is actually overwritten.


You can find the update on GitHub and download the latest version from the AppStore.

I hope this helps!





Sounds like it would be a relatively easy modification to the widget.  You could take a crack at it yourself, or make the request to Bizzomate on the Github page for that widget.


Hi guys!

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