Verify user input

Hi, probably an easy question but right now I can't seem to figure it out..... I want to check in a popup window if I am dealing with the right user, so in this popup I wnat the user to enter its birthdate for example and in a microflow I want to check if the entered birthdate matches the birthdate stored in the database. In the popup I have added the persons object as a page parameter. But when I put the birthdate field on it's prefilled with the stored date. I need it to be empty and let the user enter it, then I want to check the entered date against the stored date. Seems pretty simple.  What I actually want is a free format text input field (not connected to an entity), let the user enter text and let me use this text in a microflow. Any suggestions on how to do something like this?   Thanks. Martijn
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Hi Martijn,

Might be a good idea to use a non persistant entity for the user input. You can create this entity with a birthdate input attribute before opening the pop-up and link it to your person object. The non persistant entity will then be the parameter for your pop-up.

The user can then fill in the birthdate. In your save microflow you can retrieve the person object over association or from Database(depends on your case) and then check the birthdate.

For more info about persistability see: