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Hi! I'm trying to make a chat function in my application: we can ask several questions to our clients, and every question has is own thread. It now looks like this: The funcionality should be as followed: Press button "New chat" to create a new chat, with a unique ConversationId. The boolean attribute FirstChat is set to true. The ListView on the left side shows all the chats created within this application. When you click on a question, each messages has its own thread on the right side. There will be balloons for every message. Every message within this thread has the same ConversationId. When the client reply on a question, this question gets the same ConversationId. I would like to show the messages with the same ConversationId in a ListView, sorted on date, so you can see the whole conversation.   The entity in the domain model looks like this: How can I arrange that within the ListenToWidget, a ListView is shown only with the same ConversationId? Thanks in advance!
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Hello Pieter,

That's possible, however you would need to link all chat messages to a conversation object and I suggest moving the conversation ID to that object as well.

You can then use a data view to listen to a conversation object from a list, and then a list view within it which shows all related messages sorted by date.

Hope this makes sense

Here's some examples of a simple setup: