Getting, File does not contain a client module when trying to use the IBM Weather Company Connector

Hi Team! I am trying to use the IBM Weather Company Connector widget from the appstore in my application. I downloaded the widget and placed it in the widgets directory of the app. When I try to synchronize the project directory I am getting the following error Package '...\WeatherForecastIBM-main\widgets\WeatherCompanyDataConnector.mpk': File does not contain a client module. I tried it using modeler versions 7.16 and 7.11 but didn't work. Please help me out with this or please mention any other widget for getting the weather info. Thank in advance. Regards Sushuma
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You can create the REST calls yourself very easily. If you're set on using the IBM/Bluemix APi check out their documentation:

Depending on your use case maybe check out the Skycons widget?