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Hi, I’m building an on-boarding app on Mendix. It is a 10-steps wizard, where new customers can submit to our financial product. One of the steps is where the applicant has to uplaod three files: the annual report, current year's report and open debtors. It should look like this:   In the domain model, I have an entity called Application, where the information is stored about the application. It has an association with the entity Company, where all the related company information is stored. I created an entity Documents where all the documents can be stored. It has an association from Document to Association, because one application can have multiple documents, and each document can have one application. The domain model looks like this:   However, when I try to design this in the Desktop Modeler, I'm not able to create a file manager upload. I have a data view on the Application entity, and want to put an entity inside related to Documents entity (in the screenshot Unknown). This is not possible because of the association. How can I solve this? If I change the association the other way round, it's not correct I think. Second question, how do I solve that there are multiple files uploaded for one application?   Thanks in advance!
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Hello Pieter,

I recommend adding a Enumeration attribute to your entity, with 3 types, one for each document. 

Before loading the page you can create the three objects each with it's corresponding enumeration item (so you can identify them). 

Then you can use a list view to display all the linked "Document" objects and display what type of document they are and the upload field.


Hi Dragos,


I changed my domain model as you explained, so the entity Documents has a enumeration:


In the editor, I made a list view over the association Documents_Application, with the file manager widget:


However, when I run the project, I'm not able to upload any files because the button is not clickable. What am I doing wrong?