ArcGIS widget creates 404 file not found for several js files in MX 7.11.10

I would like to use the ArcGIS widget in our app.  Therefore I downloaded the example app that shows some features. This example app runs perfect in MX 6.10 but it gives errors in MX 7.11: -      404 - file not found for file: mxclientsystem/dojox/gfx/_base.js and for about 25 other js files. The js files are located by default at "ArcGIS - Demo Project-main\deployment\web\ArcGISlib" I already performed next actions: 1. deleted deployment dir 2. cleared the browser cache 3. Put the js files in dir deployment\web\js What more options do I have to solve this issue?    
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Hi Jan Joost,

I just upgraded the widget in the App Store to also work with Mendix 7. This was a technical issue, because both Mendix and Esri ArcGIS use the dojo framework. When moving from Mendix 6 to Mendix 7, Mendix changed their usage of dojo a bit, which caused the widget to not load properly. Together with Mendix I came up with code fix, which is now available in the App Store:

The demo project I will update at a later stage.


Thanks Ivo, I will test the widget in our environment


Hi Ivo,

I've got a test result (bug) and a question


When I test with the stations layer and click on a station point on the map like "Utrecht Centraal" , then I receive a runtime exception indicating that ObjectID = undefined.


With a Mapserver "Gebiedsindelingen_ProRail_005" with Dienstregelpunten (index 21)

I tried to get a PopUp like with the stations above. Unfortunately I didn't get popup's.

Is it not possible to select a point and and activate a MF using a Mapserver?


Stacktrace with the error:


com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: Exception occurred in action '{"xpath":"//ArcGIS.GISObject[ObjectID = undefined and GeometryType = 'point']","amount":-1,"offset":-1,"returnsCount":false,"sort":[],"type":"RetrieveXPathSchemaRawAction"}', all database changes executed by this action were rolled back
    at com.mendix.basis.actionmanagement.CoreActionHandlerImpl.processErrorState(CoreActionHandlerImpl.scala:160)

Caused by: com.mendix.connectionbus.ConnectionBusRuntimeException: An exception has occurred for the following request(s): 
    InternalLimitedXPathTextGetRequest (depth = 0): //ArcGIS.GISObject[ObjectID = undefined and GeometryType = 'point']
    at com.mendix.connectionbus.RequestAnalyzer.doRequest(

Caused by: com.mendix.connectionbus.ConnectionBusRuntimeException: Entity 'ArcGIS.GISObject' doesn't contain association 'undefined'. Entity is used in path 'ArcGIS.GISObject'., exception occurred on mapping the following query: SELECT ArcGIS.GISObject/* FROM ArcGIS.GISObject WHERE (ArcGIS.GISObject/ObjectID = ArcGIS.GISObject/undefined AND ArcGIS.GISObject/GeometryType = 'point')

  1. Not sure if it is a bug, since I can't reproduce it. It is a highly complex widget which needs the correct settings to be implemented. If I download the 'Demo Project' from the AppStore and run it in Mendix 7.16.0 it works perfectly fine for me. Are you having some different settings perhaps?
  2. For just displaying a map with geo objects which are not in your Mendix database, go for MapServer. If you need more interactive stuff like listen-to-grid and on click pop-ups, then go for the Feature Server option. In the Demo Project all work fine with FeatureServer setting. I will add this explanation to the widget as well, so people are aware that in principle they should go for the FeatureServer option, assuming it is available.


Let me know if this sorts it out for you!