Focus on an object in a list view on page load

Hi,  We have scenario like, a list of dates will be displayed start from the current date till 30 days in a list view.  So, when the user open this page, a particular date should be focused which is selected by the user in the previous page(using a date field widget). - (focused : should be the first date in the list view, and when the user scrolls up the remaining dates should show up). I have also tried using SelectionHelper widget, but it is not working.
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Hi Laxman,

The selection helper widget would allow you to use a microflow to determine which record to select in your listview on page load. To accomplish what you want to do, your page would need to have a dataview that contained the object that you are using to select a date on the previous page, then your listview and selection helper widget would be inside this dataview. The selection helper widget would use a microflow that would have a parameter of the same type as your dataview and from there you can determine which record to select, and return it in the end event of the microflow. 

I saw in your question that you said the widget isnt working, maybe give a little more detail on how you configured it and if there are any error messages.