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Is it possible to use a checkBox for an enumeration (are there any widgets?). Also, is it possible to limit the results of a radio button  to maybe make it display only certain values?       
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  • checkBox for an enumeration - you will need to create an entity with 1 object for each enumeration value.  Associate this entity to the entity you want to select enumeration values for.  Then you can use the Simple Checkbox Set Selector from the app store to let the user pick 1 or more enumeration values.
  • radioButton limits - create an entity with 1 object for each enumeration value, associate it to the entity for which you wish to select enumeration values.  Use Radiobutton List widget from the appstore to set the association using a Radiobutton control.  That widget enables you to constrain values via XPath, so you should be able to limit the list of values displayed using XPath.

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Some example screenshots.  This is for a use case where a Supplier can work in one or more Lines of Business (Roofing, Gutters, Siding, etc.)  Here is the page for the Simple Checkbox Set Selector:

Here is the widget configuration:

Here is the target association

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Answering your question base don the default widget; No and No

If you want to show a limited list of available values, there must be a condition where to filter on.

And most likely, on different pages, different sets. In that case (not related to the limitations of the default widgets) a dynamic list, based on an entity, is the most logical and usable way to go. Since you can specify the value and the condition(s) in separated attributes. 

When working with a dynamic list, then the following appstore widget is your friend. Select the value over a reference. Filter the available values (objects) using Xpath or a datasource microflow.

Related Domain model: