Scroll to anchor within a listview

Hi, Is it possible to use the widget Scroll To Anchor ( to scroll to a certain item within a listview? I have a listview, where 1 item in the list has the property to show a container with the anchor widget. This works as expected. In my DOM I see the anchor widget popup only where I want it. The list is in a separate container with a scrollbar. When I open the page, the container is not scrolled to the expected position, nothing is happening. I would like to scroll on page load. However, because of timing issues (that I will deal with later I hope) I set the scroll widget to also fire on object change. That is something I can manipulate with a button. So I know the widget is doing something. Next, to make sure the right container is scrolling, I used a value for Offset increase. The right container is scrolling, so that part is correct. I placed the anchor outside the listview, now the scrolling is happening. In conclusion I have 2 issues: 1. scrolling to a list item with an anchor in a conditionally visible container does not work. 2. the scrolling does not happen on load. Any thoughts?
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Hi Tim,

I had similar isues with the scroll to anchor widget so I built my own widget to overcome the limitations. It uses a javascript library to implement the scrolling.

I can confirm it works in Mx 7.16 as well.