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Hi all, Actually i am facing one issue i have two date pickers one for start date and other for end date, when user selects both the dates the data will get filtered by that range. So when i select the start date as 10th  DEC 2023 00:00:00 the data gets displayed for 9th DEC 2023 because of UTC TIME which substracts -6 hours from 10th DEC 2023 00:00:00 which results as 9th DEC 2023 18:00:00(UTC subtracted 6 hours from the selected date). Is there some way i can automatically display the date without any offset for users with different timezones. Temporarily i can add 6 hours to the selected date but it will work only in case of UTC timezone and not for others.      
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In Mendix all the date time fields are stored as UTC in the database. The localize true or false boolean will convert this UTC date time to the timezone of the user.


You can refer this documentation