Filtering per Fields

My customer wants a function through which he can filter articles by inserting values into input fields connected to arbitrary attributes of that article. As soon as one enters characters the filter should work. Is there already a function available for this in the Mendix marketplace? If not, how do I go forward without having to create an object of article before which is passed to a data view of those input fields, but still being able to connect the input with the entity article?
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Add a Textbox.

Then setup the OnChange event in the Events-tab of the widget and switch apply changes to ‘while user is entering data’.



In this onchange, you can call a microflow with every filter you like.

Maybe do a ‘refresh in client’ in the microflow, so that the filtering is reflected on the screen.


However, to let this work you need a ViewObject.

This can be a nonpersistable object with a attribute ‘search’ (for the textbox) and with a relation to the article.