How to enable multi-select using Data Grid 2?

Hi, I’ve just downloaded mendix 9.24, and a feature I was really looking forward to is the feature of selecting items in the Data Grid 2 just like the default Data Grid. But after some time searching trought the properties I couldn’t find it, something was said about the selection helper widget that I didn’t find on the marketplace, but I found a github project (GitHub - tieniber/SelectionHelper: A Mendix widget to help you pre-select an item from a list) with a similar name an purpose, downloaded it, but it gave me this error: Error,CE6508,Version '1.0' of the 'SelectionHelper' widget is not compatible with this Mendix version. Update the widget with the latest version from the Marketplace using App > Tools > Update Widgets menu.,SelectionHelper 'selectionHelper1',Page 'Home_Web',MyFirstModule I tried the steps that it gave me but to no avail. How can I activate the multi-select feature?
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Try version 2.7.0 of the Data Widgets module


• Open your Mendix application in the Mendix Modeler.

• Locate the page where you have added the Data Grid 2 widget.

• Double-click on the Data Grid 2 widget to open its properties.

• In the properties pane, find the "Selection" section.

• Set the "Selection mode" property to "Multiple". This will allow the user to select multiple rows in the Data Grid 2.

• If you want to enable checkboxes for each row to facilitate selection, set the "Selectable" property to "True". This will add checkboxes to each row in the Data Grid 2.

• Optionally, you can set the "Selection behavior" property to specify how the selection should behave. The available options are "Toggle" (default), "Select" and "Deselect". Choose the one that fits your requirements