Data Grid 2 Filter Widget Error

Hi all,   My team tried to implement a new cookie banner from a vendor with the script they provided using a html snippet.   Script: const merudata_scripts = (function() { const byuh_merudataID = <NOT SHOWN HERE DUE TO CONFIDENTIALITY>; const merudata_url = ""; let scriptConfig = document.createElement("script"); scriptConfig.src = merudata_url + byuh_merudataID + "/ccmconfig.js"; scriptConfig.onload = function() { let script = document.createElement("script"); script.src = merudata_url + byuh_merudataID + "/d_ccm.min.js"; document.head.appendChild(script); let stylesheet = document.createElement("link"); stylesheet.rel = "stylesheet"; stylesheet.href = merudata_url + byuh_merudataID + "/ccm.min.css" ; = "print"; stylesheet.onload = function() { this. Media = 'all'; }; document.head.appendChild(stylesheet); }; document.head.appendChild(scriptConfig); })();   HTML Snippet behavior configuration:   Result (cookie banner):   However, it clashed with the text filter widget on the data grid 2 on our web application. I was able to verify the cookie banner script to be the problem by removing it and the widget error went away. In attempt to fix it, I manually cleared all browsing cache and cookies and even ran the app locally on incognito (thinking it might be a cookie or cache issue), but I am still seeing the same error.   Widget Error:   Does anyone have any idea where I could look into to find out what might be causing the issue?
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The vendor fixed the script, and the widgets are working fine now!