Dynamic Images for Map Markers - Maps Marketplace Widget

Hi Forum,   I am trying to fix a feature that was previously working on a maps implementation that was built in mendix 7.   The implementation uses the Maps widget published by Mendix with open street maps as the map provider.  The feature was to show different colored marker pins based on an enumeration value of the objects being passed into a marker list in the map widget. This all previously worked but we have since upgraded our app to Mendix 9 and also updated all relevant widgets(including Maps) for compatibility purposes.  I didn’t realize that the enumeration image marker feature was sunsetted after version 2.0 of the Maps widget(specified here in the documentation).   Is there no longer any way to pass an image to be used for the map marker on a per object basis?  Any input or alternate solution ideas would be appreciated! Thanks Danny
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Hi Danny,


Have look into the blog about Leaflet Js hope this will be helpful for you.