How to use pagination.

Hi All,                          An error occurred in a "com.mendix.widget.custom.listviewcontrols.Pagination" widget. Check updates for the widget in the Mendix App Store or contact the widget developer.   How to use the pagination inside this situation I want pagination above the table heading skill, name, edit and delete, but the data for pagination should be from the skill listview (as shown in screenshot). Nirmalkumar – Can you help please me here, how I can achieve my requirement.  
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Hi Sathish,

Go to AppStore and search controls, you will get the Listview controls widget as shown in below and download the widget

as shown below

Now add pagination widget outside the listview

Double click the listview and update the configuration as shown below

Now run the application and you will be able to see pagination in your list view 


Hi Satish,

If you are getting the error you mentioned above than please update to the latest version of List view controls widget from app store. Once you update this widget, than it should work as expected if you place it as shown in the screenshot above.  

Hope this helps!