Unable to set Y scale for Radar Chart JS

Hi, I'm using the widget Chart JS (version 4.0) to create a radar chart. However, the data is displayed somewhat skewed. The lowest score is set as the 0-point on the Y-axis, where I want it to be 0. In addition, I'm unable to set a value for the Y-max value on the chart. I want the Y-min at 0 and the Y-max at 5. My scores are always between these values. Below is an example with values between 1-3. As you can see, the categories with a score of 1 are displayed at the center (usually 0), which is not desired. I tried to add the Y-min and Y-max in the MultiSeriesChartResult entity, but this has no effect. Also the option to set the chart to begin at zero seems to have no effect.  Anybody knows how to fix this? Your help is much appreciated!
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Hi Oscar, were you able to solve this? 

Im struggeling with the same issue.