Checkbox without data view in mendix

Hi, I need checkbox without data view.I need  to pass a hard coded value let say 1 for first checkbox 2 for second check box without data view. Once the user selects the checkbox, I need get the check box value and based on which I will clean-up whole entity reference table.   Whether it is possible to create a checkbox without data view in mendix? If so how to do the same.
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That is not doable. (At least not out of the box).

In Mendix, you can only use input widgets to manipulate data on an existing object. You need to create an object first to let the user do something with it. This needs to be done in a dataview or some comparable widget.

If you don’t want to create your object at that time, you may want to us a non persistable helper object on your page and only create the real object if needed.


It is not  possible with Mendix way. Without a data resources you cannot handle this. You can use the simple-check-box-set-selector widget for creating an easy check box with reference set.