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Hi ,  When I right click the link and select open link in new tab redirects to the home page  Is there a way to get the right click context menu on these links?
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I don’t get the context so I assume that you would like to right click a link to open the destination URL in a new tab just as in the gif below?


Hi Haritha, 

Try the following:

Add a button styled as link. In button properties use the open link option.

In the page which you want to open by clicking this button, configure the URL.

So what ever you type after /p/<pageURL> in the above button, you must configure in the page URL attribute

Hope this helps.


It may be worth looking at the SpecialLink widget. This was mentioned on Slack a few days ago and may do what you need. It doesn’t seem to be on the App Store so you’d need to download it from GitHub, build it, then export it to your project.

It’s used on these forum pages to link to user profiles.