pluggable widget datasource question

Hello Everyone, I want to create a pluggable widget.This pluggable widget’s propertys contain below  property. <property key="content" type="widgets" required="false" dataSource="myDataSource"> about myDataSource,how to defined it? If  isn’t  defined it,occured below error. Package 'E:\workspace\svn\Mendix調査\EX_122_validation_Sample(Pluggable Widget)_0707\dist\MxTestProject\widgets\mendix.TextBox.mpk': Error(s) in widget XML file 'TextBox.xml': Error in property 'content': Invalid property path 'myDataSource' in dataSource attribute.    Please can anyone help?
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Dear Fu,

Please check with the latest version of Mendix. The data source are only added recently 8.7, there might be some fixes later

Also the datasource should point the valid path. So if you moved the property in sub property you can use  “../datasource"

Or did you rename the data source?

Cheers, Andries