The Limits of The Anychart Plugin

Is anyone aware if Anychart is compatible with Dash, a program built in Plotly and based on Python. I know the Anychart widget is compatible Plotly, but all of the documentation on Mendix links to programs java based chart library, which is different than Dash.  I ask because I need to create a network chart where a series of nodes are connected and their size is based on the number of connections they have. It seems possible in Dash, but not the java based chart library Anychart seems to run on. Does anyone know if a network chart in the style I described is feasible using Anychart, or another Mendix widget?  Feel free to ask for any clarifications if this is confusing. 
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Hi Ethan,

The Any Chart widgets is running in the browser and only support Plotly JS which is java script.

So no support for python or Dash out of the box. You could look into the other chart widgets from the  app store, but i can recall any of the supporting networks.

You could consider generating thing the chart by an external service to generate an image and show it in your app.

Alternative you have to develop an own widget that use a javascript chart library that supports network graphs