How to have multiple reference selector of the same relation

Hello,   I have a form with multiple reference selectors using the same relation The object of the form can have multiple contacts with the same role, so i have many reference selectors for each roles. My contacts are sorted by their role.   - My problem is that if I fill ONE input for a certain role, it automaticaly fills the other field of the same role. Is there any ways to avoid that?  
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Each association should represent one specific role. So in your case, you need to create 3 associations, as far as I can see. If you use the same assocations, the selected object will be mapped then for each Role you are using and overwrites then the other.


I agree with Gerrit. In addition, if you need the option to have multiple referenced object representing the same thing, you may want to use a single association. In this case, you can use a many to many association and use a reference set selector.