List view showing two entities

Hi all, I am wondering how I could display two (better multiple) domain model entities in one list view? I use this list view as a start page from where I would like to call pages. Each entity would call a different page.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Philipp
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Hi Philipp,

I hope your are not asking for the same list view holds multiple entity as data source, which is not possible as a list view can have only one data source.

To achieve what you are looking for, you can create a parent entity and show it with a data grid, then create two child entities and associate each to the parent as many to one.

Now you can access the list of these two child in the page using any List Data Widgets.

Regards, Hari.



Generalization is something you must look for, if you are trying to show some relevant data. To for page redirection, the click event must call the microflow and use inheritance split to decide which page must be loaded. Or you can use page templates per specialization. Refer two links below.

But, if you want to show irrelevant data in the search results, then you might have to look at developing custom search pages with non-persistent entities. One entity could hold search parameters and another entity could hold the result parameters. Based on search parameter, you search for items and fill up results. Show the results in the page. 

- Nirmal


Thanks guys for the hints. I will try and implement this!