Loading AnyChart widgets

We have a page with 12 AnyChart widgets. The layout and data JSON's are created in datasource microflows of the dataviews surrounding the widgets. What I was hoping for was that the page would show quickly and then each widget would show a loading icon as the layout and data JSON's get build. Instead, the page is only shown when all the charts are ready and this rendering takes a huge time. Anyone has any suggestions? 
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Hi Frederic,

I recently experienced the same problem regarding the loading times of the page that holds a lot of anychart widgets. I fixed it by using the dataviewloader widget for the bigger charts. The result is that the page will load and all parts from the dataviewloader will load after the page is loaded. You can style a spinner to show the progress.

Inside the widget you can set ‘visibility handling’ to true which results in the chart only being loaded when the tab is opened (when using a tabcontainer).

GL! Ruud