How to add a share button that links directly to page

Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to configure the share button so that it links directly to the page you are on, not just the home page of the app? Thanks, Jon
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Step one is making the page that you want to share to actually have its own url. For that step you can use the page-property ‘url’. And if you want that page to be object-specific, add /{Id} 

Step two is adding that url to the information you pass along. To do so add a share button on your page (if object specific, then inside a dataview containing that object). Maybe have a peek at if it serves your purpose.


See this docs page for a complete description of the url-property.

The first is is most easily solved by only typing in the url-property:


and then enter. It will fill the property with 


A little disappointing IMHO is the fact that Id represents the Mendix’ object-id. Which means that that id will get exposed to the client. No big problem though.

The second error message you describe is because if a page contains a dataview as main element, then you need to add /{Id}. If you don’t want your url to be object-specific, then add a datagrid as main element