Anyone know how to use the WizardSteps widget?

0   I have gone through what little documentation I can find and I have created the entities and then a microflow to create instances of the required entities.  What I cannot figure out is how to actually create controls on the various steps.  How do you create the content for each step?
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Maybe this will help:

From the documentation:

  1. Create a Wizard Step entity containing:
  • Title : String
  • Subtitle (optional) : String
  • Status (normal, active, visited) : Enumeration
  • Sort attribute: Integer

Create the following entity:

  1. Create a Wizard Step List entity containing all the steps.

Create the following entity and association:

  1. Create a Microflow that retrieves the Wizard Steps and returns them in a list.

Create the microflow as below:

  1. Create the actual Step- and Listobjects with data in them.

Create an overview page for the wizardsteplist entity and a NewEdit page connected to the New and Edit buttons:

Also create the New Edit page for the wizard step entity and connect this to the New and Edit buttons on the page above:

Create the button show wizard that opens the page below with the wizard widget:

  1. Add the WizardSteps widget to a page and configure the widget as required.

Connect the overview page to the navigation and create the data for the list and the steps conencted to the list and setup the widget correctly. The the result is:

I hope this helps you in using this great widget!


Hi, refer the following doc :