Crash Course Extending Your UI mistakes

Dear Mendix, I am doing your Crash Course on Mendix at the moment and I believe I have found some mistakes. At 11.5.1 Writing your own Widget.xml file, at the end you have given an overview of a working XML file. However, this one generates errors in Mendix. There are two errors: - AttributeType should be “String”, not “string” - The addShiftMicroflow should use the Entitytype “ShiftEntity” instead of “PlanningPeriodEntity”  Without these changes I was not able to get the Widget to appear in my Mendix Studio Pro. Could you check this for me? Thanks. With kind regards, Arthur Bosma  
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Later I found I had to make other changes than I proposed above:

- The ShiftEntityDate should be removed all together, as it is not used later in the module

- The addShiftMicroFlow does expect a “PlanningPeriod”, not a “PlanningPeriodEntity”, as the name is stated as “PlanningPeriod” earlier 

See the screenshot below for the XML part.

Then, build the package by typing “gulp build” in the command line. Finally, I only got it working in the Mendix Pro Studio after manually copying the “ShiftCalendar.mpk" file from the ..\Summerhill Hospital-main\CustomWidget\ShiftCalendar\dist folder to the ..\Summerhill Hospital-main\widgets folder.