TimeSeries axis

Hi,  I am using the TimeSeries widget to represent time series data in real time. However, I would like to do a demo in which my X-axis range is fixed to 20 minutes, and where the data is filled during those 20 minutes. Using this approach, the graph would be initially empty. The widget is retrieving the data from a MySQL database, through the Database Connector, but I would just like to fix the X-axis range.    Is there any way to achieve this, either way by modifying the css or through a different widget?   Thank you!!
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If you want to display data for 20 min range/window, then that should be done where data is retrieved. You should query data by limiting it to recent 20 mins and provide that data to chart widget. You can set chart data source to a microflow.
Initially if your data is empty then nothing will be displayed on chart. As soon as data starts growing it will be displayed upto 20 mins.