Is there a way to duplicate a selected row of a datagrid?

Hey everyone, I do have a data grid just like shown in the screenshot. By selecting one row, I'd like to have the possibility to duplicate it. After the duplication (which equals creating exactly the same object), a new window should be opened and then a new name should be insertable. So, instead of "Laura Liardo" I want to insert "Max Mustermann" as I do have a unique-restriction for each name, so directly after the duplication the name has to be changeable. The values of the months should be exactly the same though! Do you have an idea to do this? Maybe through a button which triggers a MF? But how can I pass the selected object to the Action-button?  Regards and many thanks! Laura
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Indeed you can create an action button on the control bar of the datagrid.

This microflow then has the entity of  the datagrid as a parameter. In the microflow you then create the new object and set the attributes with the same value as the parameter entity. The new object is then passed on to the dataview for the user to edit. 

See also part 3 about the microflow arguments