After refresh, App doesnt stay on current page

Hi everyone, I've got the following problem: On a page, I do have data view which gets its data from a microflow. That microflow counts numbers within a data grid of the same page. So, after changing or entering a number in this data grid, I need to refresh the page so the numbers of my data view do update. The problem now is, when hitting the "Synch" button below the data view, it refreshes but gets me back to the home page which is a little bit annoying. As a user I'd like to stay on the page with the aggregated numbers. What is wrong with that synch button? Many thanks in advance! Laura
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Hi Laura,

  I assume that you are using the actual button labeled 'Synchronize' in the page editor? That Synchronize button is intended to provide a way for offline mobile applications to communicate changed data back to the server.  If all you are looking to do is refresh the page so that your math can be re-done,  you need an 'Call Microflow Button.'  This button should call a microflow that has one action to refresh what ever object is in that data view. That will re-run the microflow and refresh the data on the page.

  A few things to keep in mind:

1) If your data source microflow retrieves things from the database, and your users are editing data on a page without committing, then re-retrieving the data from the database will not re-do the calculation but will pull the old data again.  This would effectively overwrite users' changes and is not what you want.  If you are using a standard data grid with editable fields, then  your changes will be committed so this may not be a concern.

2) Have you considered an on-change event on the input widgets so that when a user enters a new value,  the data is automatically calculated?  However, this wouldn't work if you are using an editable data grid widget.

Hope this helps,