Disable simultaneous login

Hi Team, I have a requirement to disable user logging into application from multiple browsers/devices at same time. If User has logged into application via one browser then application shouldnt allow same User to login from different browser. It should display a message that User is already having an active session in place and to logout from all to enable this login.. something like this. Could you please help me how can i implement this?  
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This can be achieved by changing the project settings. In the 'Runtime' tab of your project settings is an option to enable/disable multiple sessions per user. If you set this setting to 'No', a user can only have one active session. This solution won't show a pop-up, but will stop any other session if the user signs in with another client/device.

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This is a project setting

see https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/project-settings under paragraph 3.11