Changing the color of the confirmation page buttons

Hi Community!   Is it possible to change the color of the buttons, for 'confirmation', which is required when deleting anything from the database. I would like the colors of the buttons to be swapped, Primary color to 'No' and default to 'Yes'. I would like the cancel button to be more highlighted, rather than with a confirmation. (The page that selects to confirm in “microflow settings” > “confirmation”) Or the only thing left for me in this case will be to create separate microflow pages, which will look the way I want and for each process I will have to create a separate page and a separate microflow?   Best regards, Adam
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You can do this with custom css.


Add a specific class on the page in which you have the delete button. For example, give the page the class ‘page_toggle_confirm_button’

In scss you can now add:


.page_toggle_confirm_button .mxui_widget_ConfirmationDialog_0 {
  .btn-primary {
    background: $white;
  .btn:not(.btn-primary) {
     background: $background-primary;


In this way, the confirm/cancel button colorings are toggled for this specific page.