Changing the glyphicon for list search bar

Hello everyone, I have a custom list view with a search bar at the top. However I want to change the refresh-icon with another one, but I do not seem to select the right class in order to change it. Here is my attempt:   .mx-listview-searchbar.btn {           width: auto;           .glyphicon.glyphicon-refresh::before {             content: "\e014";           }       } Does anyone know why it does not work? Any help is appreciated.   BR Mehtap
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Hi Mehtap,

I think a space is missing. See below, that should work.

.mx-listview-searchbar .btn{

        width: auto;

        .glyphicon-refresh:before {

          content: "\e014";



Also, the way you’ve written it would be applied to all list view search. If you just want to change one create a custom class and include the styling inside the custom class.

Hope it helps!