Pagination not working inside a ListView, when ListVIew is using Microflow as a data source

I am getting an error “This widget is only compatible with list view data source type 'Database' and 'XPath'” when I try to use a pagination widget inside a list view and that List View is using Micro flow as data source.     Is there any way to fix this issue?
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Hi venu ,

please use the below widget for list view microflow pagination


Below image reference for you


In the list retrieval microflow increase the count every time , offset will be increase every time .based on this 10 records will be retrieved in each page.


Hi Mendix Developer, 
       To achieve the pagination functionality for data source microflow list view, the best widget is List view with Paging. It will create pagination buttons based on the total retrieved list count and PageSize value which we already configured in the paging widget. For example, If you're retrieving 100 objects from the database through retrieve activity. So In the Pagination widget, you need to configure Count, PageSize, and Offset values. In our case, that pageSize value will be 10. Pagination button count = Retrieved data count from DB(100) / PageSize configured in pagination widget (10) = 10 Pagination button will be created. The main thing is, that you need to retrieve the data based on Offset, PageSize, and Count. Use the Custom option in the Retrieve activity to achieve this!  In that Paging widget documentation, they explained clearly. Just go through the widget documentation. Narayana Moorthy already provided that widget appstore link in his answer. I hope you will get some idea about this widget!

Thanks and regards,
Vijayabharathi V