Is there a Atlas UI Kit available for Sketch or Figma (Mendix Native)

Hi there, We are currently designing a native Mendix application. Our designer is asking for a UI Kit to speed op his design work. I know that OutSystems has this available for Silk UI:  Can anybody help us with this? Thanks
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This is related to this topic.

Can anyone explain me what does this mean?

Rounding out key features of Mendix 9 is a significant update to Atlas, the Mendix UI Framework. Atlas3.0 provides a default design system out of the box that is sleek and modern, for web, native mobile, and PWA. And the Mendix UI Kit equips designers to work in Mendix development teams using their preferred tools including Figma and Sketch.



I would like to understand the use case scenario in which you can use figma or Sketch to speed up the design process in mendix or to at least standardize the controls/widgets/patterns. Do you have documentation about this?

Thanks in advance.


Is this what you are looking for?


Hey Tim,
In Mendix never heard of it as Lennart said you can just share the templates and Building block links