Mendix Design Properties Toolkit - feedback wanted

Hi all, After I created ux-theming 4 years ago to improve the styling workflow (it is now more streamlined with Calypso), I didn't do much styling afterwards. Recently I am doing a lot of theming for Native Mobile and found I wanted to use Design Properties more and more. Yet, working with a barebones JSON file isn't ideal. So I created a new (online) tool to make it easier to inspect/edit/create Design Properties: Mendix Design Properties Toolkit This tool works in your browser and has a few capabilities: - Load an empty Web/Native settings JSON - Load a pre-filled settings JSON from Atlas UI - Load a settings file from your computer - You can inspect it, change it, move properties around. Afterwards, you can download the JSON file or directly copy it to your clipboard. It will also hold the latest version in the localStorage of your browser, so you don't have to worry that you accidentally lose your work if the browser reloads. On the top-right there is also a Github button that will lead to the repository for this project. There is also a link to the documentation, explaining the Design Properties API. It should be pretty straightforward, but I'd love to have some feedback. I am planning to add more features, like an overview of all the used classes in your file etc. Ideas are welcome :-)  
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