copy paste from Excel into MX App

A client asked if they could copy cells from excel, and post them into a data table in mx? I would have no idea how you would be able to do this. I'm imagining you could create a listview to create the cells and the proper mapping, but not sure if you could copy paste from excel into this? anyone any experience with this?
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I think copy pasting is not possible. What we did is provided a template which the person could upload and process. This way I can make sure that validations are done on the data.





Some creative ideas, probably not suited for your situation, but here goes nothing:

Create a macro in excel that transforms selected cell contents to csv and puts it on the clipboard.

Then let the user paste it in a text area in Mendix and parse it.

You could even have the macro submit the csv content to a published rest service automatically.

Personally, i’d go for uploading the excel file as Ronald mentioned.