Missing text

Hello, When I exceed users limit in free licence app I get a message pop-up with the text:  [No translation]  Any clue how I can change this text? I mean I want something more user friendly or at least with some sense. I not sure if it’s a bug as I was expecting to see the message : The current license does not allow more users to sign in. that is present in System texts. I leave the app in English USA as default when creating from Blank. My users are all anonymous type.  I try to find this in System texts in Project level but with no success, I also try to translate to another language but I don’t see any empty value or similar thing, both modeler and excel export.  Additional I don’t get any message in console for this “refused access.” Is because of my log level maybe, I can’t get it. FYI: I’m using 7.23.7 but is not in the list now
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