Getting error message Deleting object failed for security reasons

Hi everyone, A user role in my app is trying to delete some objects. The problem is, he can mostly delete different objects of an entity but sometimes the system throws an error message “ Deleting object failed for security reasons". If it would have shown it every single time then it would have been a security setting issue but how can he delete the objects some times but not other times. Could anyone help me out here? Thanks
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One thing I can think of that you have no right on a reference to another object. This reference would change if you deleted the object. So if one object does have the reference while the other has not you could delete the one but not the other.





Hi Manish,


Possibly you fixed it already, but maybe this can still be a fix for you or anyone else reading this topic.

Do you perhaps have 2 associations between one of those objects that both have delete behaviour?

It is possible that you create a loop of delete behavioural objects, with which the modeler does not understand what delete behaviour it needs to follow. If you delete one of those delete behaviours on the association, the flow should work again.





- Check for cascading delete

- Object A → associated with Object B

- you would have configured in the association: Delete Object B, if Object A is deleted

- But, you would have provided the delete permission only on Object A

- So, those Object A’s which does not have an association with Object B, will be deleted without issue

- Those Object A’s with Object B, will give this kind of error, because Object B cannot be deleted by the user


NOTE: Check for all cascading deletes possible from source object and including child object cascading deletes as well. For example, Object A → Object B → Object C … like so

And its not about READ/Write permission. This is about DELETE