Browsers View page source feature not showing the rendered HTML code of the Mendix app.

Hi all,   I have noticed that whenever I open the Mendix app on a browser and try to view the page source, it does not show the current state of the DOM (the state before the manipulation by JavaScript). If I inspect the app, it correctly shows the current state in HTML code. I attached the screenshots below to demonstrate the issue. As you can see, if I use the ‘View page source’ option, <div id="content"></div> tag is empty and does not include the rendered HTML code.   Using the ‘Inspect’ feature on the page of the Mendix app:   Using the ‘View page source’ option:   This is inconvenient because I use an SEO analytics tool that crawls my sites for improvement. Is there any way that I can change the setting or manipulate the theme index.html file to show the rendered HTML of the page? I have tried Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.   Thanks in advance.
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You can try “Save page We” extension ,you can download page as HTML format .