Document reporting tool for Mendix

Does anyone know what the best document reporting tool is for Mendix? Particular for complex PDF reports with repeating sub headers. It appears the document template feature is not a core feature of Mendix and is no longer supported or being updated and I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation that would also meet accessibility requirements long term. Thanks!  
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Hi Micheal

Document template for Mendix are limited. You have an option to convert normal Mendix pages into PDF’s including all fancy CSS styling and UI widgets.

We create a service for this, though it is not completely for free, it might help you to get things done.

Cheers, Andries


Hi Michael,

I was struggling with the same problems that you describe so I built a module that can generate complex document/PDF reports with repeating page headers from Mendix pages.

Give it a try and let me know if you run into any difficulties, I have some experience in the matter 😉


We use this tool to generate documents in Mendix and are pretty happy about it