Mark as favorite/ unfavorite functionality

How to achieve mark as favorite/ unfavorite  feature in mendix same as we star a question in mendix forum so as to access it later easily….I have written microflow to change object and set a boolean varible to true to make it as favorite. How to achieve unfavorite functionality using mendix ?   I am also not getting when I made an object favorite then when I open it the caption (label) must be make it unfavorite . How to achieve this ? Domain Model-      
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You probably don't want to use a boolean because what is a favorite for one user, might not be a favorite for another user. Try using an association and use ‘add’ in a change activity to set the association between the object to the user if you click on the favorite icon (and remove if you click the favorite icon again). To make it visible to the user that something is a favorite or not you might need a helper object to toggle a boolean and display empty star or filled star.