Change Glyphicon of Reference Selector

Hello Is it possible to change the glyphicons for widgets like the Reference Selector? I am using a "select by page" for a ref selector and the select button has an arrow on it. A customer wants this icon to be something else. Where do I change this? I inspected the page and see that the icon is in a span element but I don't know if it's possible to change this. Thanks
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Hi, I would go for

.mx-referenceselector > .btn > .glyphicon.glyphicon-share-alt::before {
	content: "\e093";

and replace the content with the code you want if you only want to change to one of the standard glyphs.

You can also use other glyphs by adding the corresponding styling.


Hello Yudistra,

Not 100% sure if this will work but you can try to add an important css style that replaces the glyphicon with a different one.

For example: 

.glyphicon-share-alt :before{

content: <insert your new content ID here> !important;


If it does work you should use additional selectors to minimise impact on other items that might have that class.

Hope this helps