Suggestions to implement BPMN workflow functionality

I have a requirement to implement BPMN workflow kind of functionality. I need to render different task types based on the data that I get from external system. Below is the sample UI that I am trying to implement Want to know if Mendix has any templates or widgets available for this. or should I develop a custom widget? Any suggestions on this is much appreciated
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Hi Mohan,

  Is the picture you have attached what you would like the user to see on the screen?  That is, a picture of the process flow itself, or are you looking for a UI that allows a user to complete the process shown?  If it is the former, you can use the 'button' widget with some styling to achieve the blocks.  Check out the 'wizard' template in the Atlas UI.  Here is a working demo as well.  That example should give you an idea about how to make boxes with lines to them.  You will need to do something extra for the lines that deviate from horizontal, but the wizard template should show you how to use buttons to render steps in a process.