Scroll issue on dashboard

Hi,   I am facing one issue in my project scroll issue contents  are  hiding in box what should i do to get this issue resolved. 
2 answers

 Option 1:

Inspect the CSS styles applied to the box or container in question. Look for properties like overflow, height, and width. Ensure that the overflow property is set to auto or scroll to enable scrolling if needed.


If you want the content inside a box to be scrollable when it overflows the container, set the overflow property to auto or scroll for that container. For example:

.container {
  overflow: auto;
Option 3:

Check the height and width properties of the container. Make sure the container has sufficient dimensions to display its content without clipping. Adjust these dimensions as needed.

Option 4:

If you have nested containers within each other, ensure that the parent containers have the correct dimensions and overflow settings to accommodate the child containers' content.


Verify that the content inside the container does not have any absolute positioning or negative margins that might cause it to overflow or hide.


definitely an overflow: hidden in the content-area, should be able to fix it with the options of sahil.

Also double check the overflows on the parent objects as they can also have some influence