Data Grid 2 (1.3.3 / Mendix 9.4.0) - Enum filter by calculated field

Hi there, We’re having a filter on an ENUM field, which has been working before. Then we had changed it to a calculated field and now the filter is completely ignoring all entries.   Any idea how to fix that issue or could it be a general bug of that widget?   Regards,    Yann
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Hi Yann,


Could you provide more details ?



Let’s see:

Mendix Version: 9.4.0
Data Grid 2 Version: 1.3.3
Drop-Down-Filter: 1.3.1 (as far as the widget overview is telling)

It’s a rather simple table containing a dozen currencies and one column with an ENUM of three values.
There’s only a filter on that Enum in that table.

The filter is set to “automatic options”, no default and “multiple selection”. But reagardless of which options you’re checking in the filter, no rows are getting hidden at all. The values in the table are showing up correctly though.

As far as I can tell it had been working until I had changed the attribute to a calculated field, but I’m not a 100% sure on that one.

I’ve already tried to delete the field and re-insert it from the toolbox, but without success...


Hi I have same requirement. 

With Calculated field filter is not possible. 

Is there any soluation?