How to add list of attributes based on selected dropdown value in document.

Hey, I have one dropdown on my page where I select class from dropdown  and if I select class from dropdown based on selected class I want to append related attribute on my document page. These is my dropdown list and the values in the dropdown come from class table which contain class name and related document name    I have one button on my page which is used for download document so how can I do it bacause the related document is hidden which is not displayed anywhere on page but if we select class then it is automatically append in document.
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Hi Shubham dhorajkar,

If your goal is only to display the documents which are associated with your class name means, you can add another dataview in the available dataview and set the datasource as you configured in the reference selector (Association for class name table)

Then based on your class name, you can display the documents

Hope this works, Thanks!